What's the Best Roast for a Pot Roast?

What is the best roast for a pot roast?
I get this question almost every week. 
My answer is, I cook them all the same.
There are a few little things to note about each one:
-Chuck Roast (pictured)-beautifully marbled, it's hard to beat! There is more fat in a chuck roast which will equal more flavor. The fat will also “cook down." So while you may start with a three pound roast, you will not end up with three pounds of meat.
-Rump Roast-this is the leanest roast that we typically carry (top round roast is leaner & we only carry it by request). Just make sure you cook it low & slow & you're good to go!
-Sirloin Tip Roast-Denise's favorite. Not so much a great “slicing” roast, but cook it low & slow & it's hard to beat.
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