Our Story

This farm has been in Wesley’s family since 1904 when his great great grandfather purchased the land. In 1919, he split the farm between two of his sons.  The Hardwick Family worked the land raising pigs, beef cattle, dairy cattle, watermelons, & tobacco.  Wesley’s Papaw, Rufus Hardwick, sold milk, butter, & buttermilk before pasteurization & then sold milk to Pet Milk Company.  He even made butter in a washing machine once! Wesley’s parents, Dean & Martha, own most of the farm where we live & work on the farm full time. (Isn’t retired life fun?!)

Denise’s family has been in the agriculture industry for over five generations as well beginning when her great grandfather purchased a farm in Lafayette, Tennessee, in 1910.  Her parents operate Coley Herefords in Lafayette, Tennessee.  Wesley has a job in town as a pharmacist & works on the farm three days a week. Denise & the kids care for the animals daily as well.

Family Farm

The blessing of farm life & raising kids on a farm is not lost on us.  We have a rich agricultural heritage & fully intend to pass this on to our children.  We love to share our story with you. You can find us on Instagram & Facebook @thousandhillsfamilyfarm to follow our daily adventures.