Our Beef

We take pride in raising animals that are of high-quality genetics, well cared for, & taste great on your table. We are excited to allow more people to enjoy excellent tasting beef from their local farmers. All of our beef is born & raised on our farm in Cleveland, Tennessee.  We have a mixture of Angus, SimAngus, & Hereford cross cattle.  They are raised on pasture and supplemented with hay in the winter months.  Some are finished on grain (grain finished) & some are finished on grass & alfalfa (grass finished).  None of our animals receive growth hormones.  We work with our local veterinarian to keep our animals healthy & happy. Our pasture raised, dry-aged beef cannot be beat!  The flavor & goodness that comes from the extra aging time is not something you can find in the grocery store. 

We are thankful for your interest & support & are happy to answer any questions you have.