Thousand Hills Family Farm

Soup Bones-Knuckle & Rib Bones

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These are perfect for the avid bone broth cook or your furry friend will LOVE these delicious & nutritious bones. 

Full of meat, the knuckle bones will keep them busy for hours! 

Have a smaller fur ball who needs a snack his size? Choose the rib bones for them!

**Note: these are not vacuum sealed, but will last plenty of time in your freezer for your pets or for your own broth!

If you make broth with the knuckle bones, we recommend chilling your final broth. After chilling, peel/pick up the fat off of the top. Use this like you would lard or bacon grease for cooking. (Some find that the fat cover on top is a little hard on their stomachs.) Underneath, you will have wonderfully gelatinous broth!