Thousand Hills Family Farm

Pasture Raised Eggs *Farm PICK UP ONLY*

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These eggs are only for on the farm pickup. We will restock as we have eggs available (please check top of website or our social media for stocking times). Pickup is 3-5 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday. Please contact us for appointments on Saturday or another time.

Please text or email us your requested pickup time if you do not put it in the cart notes. 

Our laying hens are the breakfast makers! They enjoy rotating between pastures & are supplemented with as much protein layer non-GMO feed as they need.  They are possibly our children’s favorite animals as everyone has to “catch a chicken” each time we go to check on them.  We use a mobile coop (a mansion, really!) to move them to new pasture each day! They produce the most delicious, orange yolk eggs & will be a treat for you each morning.


Pullet eggs are the first eggs a young hen (or pullet) lays. They're a little bit smaller than regular size eggs, have a bit more yolk to white ration, & are great for fried eggs, pickled eggs, or making pastries! They are limited & only last for a few weeks. We will have some at market as often as we have them.